Air Blast Oil Cooler

HYDROMACS Air Blast Oil Coolers are suitable for transfering heat from the Hydraulic Oil, Lubrication Oil, Cutting Oil and Quenching Oil to the atmospheric air. These coolers are extensively used in the places where good Quality water is not available.

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These Air Blast Oil Coolers are compact in design and draws air from the atmosphere and blast on the Cooling Coil made out of Copper tubes and Aluminium Fins to reduce the oil temperature. The normal design pressure of these Air Blast Oil Coolers are maximum 10 Kg/sq.cmg and recommended Working Pressure is 7 to 8 Kg/sq.cmg. The Air through on the coil is achieved by suitable size of fan motor.

HYDROMACS is manufacturing these Air Blast Oil Cooler upto the capacity of 15000 Kcal/hr. The Air Blast Oil Cooler fans are operating with Single/Three Phase power. To order the Air Blast Oil Cooler you have to indicate oil flow in LPM, Oil Tank Capacity, maximum oil temperature and the oil temperature required for the operation.