The Series SL-2000 Duct Smoke Detector is crucial for early detection of smoke and products of combustion present within HVAC ductwork. This series can be utilized in many different types of applications including commercial, industrial, and residential.

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The unit is designed to not only alarm when smoke is detected, but will also utilize relays to disable fans and blowers. The series comes complete with technician friendly “No-Tools Required” features to make installation and servicing simple and efficient.

Product Applications :
* Early smoke detection in ductwork
* Commercial/Industrial/Residential HVAC
* BAS automation

Features :
* Wide application environment with ability to operate in air speeds of 100 FPM (0.5 m/s) to 4000 FPM (20 m/s)
* Simple installation with the patented “No-Tools Required” front or rear installation of sampling/exhaust tubes
* Easy visual status determination with transparent cover to view detector head LED
* Reduced installation costs with integrated relays for connecting to alarm devices
* Quick verification testing with integrated smoke test port