Polyurethane Tube

VAC Polyurethane Tubing ¡s highly resistant to abrasion, pressure and wear, offers outstanding resistance to kinks, excellent tensile and tear propagation strength, very good cushioning capacity and temperature flexibility, It is also highly resistant to oil, grease, oxygen and ozone. The level of deformation remains low even with longterm stress.

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Special Physical Features
* Light weight
* Wide temperature range
* High resistance versus moisture
* Saltwater insensitive
* Long service time

Mechanical Features
* High vibration prevention
* Perfect abrasion resistance
* High compression characteristics
* Low flow reduction for all kind of mediums
* Precise tolerances
* Constant solidity

* Quick assembly possible
* Low weight
* Low pressure drop
* Different colors for identification
* Good storage possiblity due to box packing
* High abrasion resistance

* Compressed air, lubrication grease / oil, gasoline, vacuum, water (not drinking water).