FDU 300

We are engaged in offering a comprehensive range of FDU 300 to clients. Our customers can avail these products in different specifications from us.

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Latest 3 Way Valve design eliminates the orifice connection ¡n the solenoid – all connections are now in the valve body providing in – line piping. This concept with orifice and pipe connections in the body permits coil
replacement without opening pipe connections – now necessary on all other 3 Way valves. These valves are commonly used to apply pressure to and vent pressure from cylinders and diaphragms or for selection and
diversion of pressure. They also used for automatic control of all gases and liquids non-corrosive to brass and stainless steel.

* Direct operated
* Packless
* Complete tight shut off
* Compact size
* Silent in operation
* Solenoid capable of being turned 360 degree
* Can be mounted directly on pipe
* valves are made from quality
materials and are rigorously tested for leakage and performance. Each valve is subjected to twice the rated voltage plus 1,000 volts at 500/S for seconds for insulation test