Corrugated Hose

A range of metallic flexible hoses are manufactured in SS AISI 304, 321, 316 & 316-L conforming to BS 6501 : Part 1: 1991 / ISO 10380 :1994 Stainless steel corrugated flexible hoses are offered from 6 mm NB
(1/4”) to 200 mm NB (8”).

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The annular corrugated hose body Provides the flexibility and pressure tight core of the assembly. We also manufacture highly flexible close-pitch hoses for special applications

When Pressure is applied, unbraided corrugated hose tends to elongate axially. To restrain this, an external layer of SS wire braid is provided. The braid also makes the assembly pressure resistant. Some times two or even three layers of braiding are provided for high pressure applications. The braiding is highly flexible and follows the movement of the hose. The braid ¡s normally manufactured in SS 304 wire. However SS 316 and SS 321 braid can also be manufactured. We also supply wire braid in different configurations as per customer specifications